It's always a great pleasure listening to CROSS ISLAND live!
Frequent audience member.

You and your concert companions bring joy to our lives. MA and I appreciate the enormous work and hours of practice that are behind your seeming effortless performance. We also love your choice of music - something for everyone. Thank you.
David Relyea, frequent CROSS ISLAND concert attendee (together with wife Mary Anne Lund),

CROSS ISLAND was warm, not aloof from their audience, informative about the composers they chose, and just plain great! 
Canary Burton, composer, presenter, audience member, Wellfleet Public Library and 820 Main Gallery (Harwich Port), Cape Cod, MA, August 7 & 8, 2012. 

It was a beautiful concert! Thank you so much, Cross Island. I loved each piece, and admired the passion each one of you expressed in your playing! Look forward to seeing/hearing more in the future. :-) 
Kate Lamberg, audience member, March 18, 2012. 

 I listen to Quiet Strength on Saturday morning; it is a wonderful transition to the weekend. I am a classical music novice, but Quiet Strength has me wanting more! 
Angela Charter, March 2012 

I really love your interpretations of the pieces on your latest album, Quiet Strength. And thank you so much for playing my compositions on your concerts and for recording it on this latest CD. Perfect quality! 
Composer Andreas van Haren, February 12,2012 

Suzanne, thanks to you and Joe Rutkowski for such a lovely reading of my duet, "To Become World" on the Cross Island CD, Quiet Strength. A real treat to hear! Thanks, and more thanks to you,... for finding me and for finding this music. 
Composer James Grant, November 22, 2011. 

What a wonderful concert last night! The compositions were wide-ranging and lovely..Look forward to hearing all on the CD. A lovely evening. Congratulations! 
Audience member Terri Brooks, responding to the CD release concert for Quiet Strength, November 1, 2011. 

Congratulations !! You were all fantastic tonight! Loved it all.. what a great concept and so well realized!! Bravissima! 
Audience member/concert pianist/music critic Rorianne Schrade, responding to the CD release concert for Quiet Strength, November 1, 2011. 

It was a wonderful concert the music very moving and beautiful . Thanks for not only exquisite interpretation but also a very interesting choice of music! 
Audience member Raisy Derzie, responding to the CD release concert for Quiet Strength, November 1, 2011. 

 Thanks so much for such a beautiful and emotionally charged performance!!! 
Composer Jeffrey Harrington, regarding CROSS ISLAND's performance of his Nocturne for Cello and Piano, November 2010 

I had the chance to listen to your interpretation of Fuerza Tranquila and I LOVE the way you have captured the intended expression. I found myself breathing in places along to the recording and as the cello doesn't have a need to, it was beautifully sweeping and heartbreakingly effective. Thank you so much. 
Keri Degg, composer, 2010 

Many, many thanks for the beautiful music you provided yesterday. I heard nothing but rave compliments from many people. I thought your choice of music was perfect. 
Faser Hardin, Music Director, The Church of the UMC Church of the Village, NYC, re. March 2010 Women's History Month performance. 

Once again, Cross Island presented the perfect concert for our library audience! Thank you so much for your attention to details of the program, to say nothing of your musicianship and obvious enjoyment in playing together. The improvisation was a novelty which worked, showing how the playing of one instrument can compliment another and make the whole greater than the parts. I'm sure it was as well received as your other selections and I especially enjoyed it. 
Jan North, Music Programmer, Bayport-Blue Point Public Library, March 2010 

Thank you for an incredible performance. What extraordinary talents your are. The patrons are still talking about how great you were...! 
Phyllis Cox, Program Coordinator, Jericho Public Library, February 2009 of the most enjoyable musical afternoons we have ever had here at the Rogers Memorial Library. Each of you was magnificent - and together, you were out of this world (your program was brilliant, too). Back next yr.?” 
Penelope Wright, Program Director, Rogers Memorial Library, Southampton, NY, March 2008 

“J'ai écouté avec émotion votre enregistrement et ai été très touché par votre musicalité et celle aussi de votre excellente pianiste. Mes chaleureuses amitiés à vous deux. “ 
[I listened with emotion to your recording and was very affected by your musicality and that also of your excellent pianist. My warm-hearted best regards to you two.] 

Composer Serge Kaufmann, in response to a recording by Suzanne and Ellie of his Suite Yiddish. 

I have often attended concerts by this ensemble. They offer interesting, varied and enjoyable programs, always well planned and performed. I wish them continued success. 
Alexander Kouguell, Prof.Emeritus, Aaron Copland School of Music Queens College, N.Y. 

Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon of beautiful and appreciate you and your gift. 
Ralph Williams, frequent audience member (with wife Gloria Williams)