Lullabye for Kara

Rick Sowash


A track from our 2011 CD, Quiet Strength. The composer says of this work, "It is loud and declamatory in places, but it seemed natural to me that the music should grow and swell, even if it is a lullabye.  Of course, it's a lullabye only figuratively.

 The lullabye is an odd genre, when you think about it.  Music which is, ostensibly, intended to induce in the listener a state of non-listening, ie., sleep.  

I had in mind, when I wrote this piece, something I've often pondered ... and it has to do with Gershwin.  Such a great talent and he died so very young.  Tragic.  What occurs to me is that it ought to fall to other, later American composers to try to write the music he might have written, had he lived.  thus, I've written a number of pieces very much in what I fancy to be the style of "late Gershwin" (in reality, there is no "late Gershwin") ... think of it as Gershwin extended on into the latter half of the twentieth century.  He was born in the same year as Copland, remember, and Copland died in 1990.  So Gershwin could have lived that long.  What music would he have been writing in the 70's and 80's, one wonders?  We'll never really know, but I like to think that maybe it would have sounded a little like my Lullaybe for Kara.”